Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Productive Quiet Time

I’ve talked about my love of quiet time on here before. There’s no new revelations there.  What I want to talk about now is making use of that quiet time.  In a house of seven of us peace and quiet can be hard to come by.  It pretty much just happens for me when I get up early for work and nobody else is up and moving yet.  I’ve grown to love this time.  I can sit outside and have a cup of coffee on occasion, get the flowers watered, or best of all sit and close my eyes and meditate for a while.
Meditation may sound like some goofy hippy kind of thing.  I know in high school, in gym class of all places, we had a segment on meditation.  20 years later and I wish I had done more than fall asleep.  Meditation has grown to be something I work to get into my daily routine.  I’m still letting it slide more than I’m taking the time, but when I do it, the results are immediate.  I leave mediation feeling a sense of calmness, the world slows down a bit, I’ve got a better perspective on things, and I feel ready for just about anything.

For me meditation is quite simple.  I just sit there and notice sounds around me for a few minutes, count my breath for a few minutes, then let my mind go wherever for a minute or two.  For the first two parts, when my mind goes off the given task I simply remind myself of what I should be focusing on.  It’s as easy as that.  I started attempting to go for 10 minutes.  I am now up to about 20 mins.  For the longest time I had this odd thought that meditation had to be in these weird poses trying to think of nothing.  Trying to think of nothing is an incredibly hard thing to do.  Go ahead, try it.  Force yourself to think of nothing.  You’re not going to have much luck.  Meditation became something that I psyched myself out of because I allowed it to grow bigger than it needed to be.  Meditation is not a complicated thing, and there’s no reason to over complicate it.  There are two apps that I’ve tried that really helped along the way. one is called calm, the other is headspace.  These are great ways to guide you through a few sessions to get the idea of what meditation is all about.  I hope this gives you enough curiosity to try mediation.  It’s a great way to make use of that wonderful peace and quiet.

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