Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This is all based on a reader request.  He thought he would be a smart guy and ask me to write about UFO’s.  Well here it is.  All you ever wanted to know about the possibility of us having some alien friends.  If you’ve got something you’d like to test me on feel free to leave it in the comments.
First off lets tackle the question of whether there’s life on other planets to fly these objects around.  It seems to me this answer has to be yes.  Scientists now say that there are an estimated 60 billion planets that could potentially support life as we know it.  In case you didn’t catch that, that was 60 BILLION…with a B.  As far as I’m concerned, the odds would say that yes, there are other planets out there with intelligent life.  This seems to be the consensus amongst scientists as well.  A while back when Zayn left One Direction(don’t judge, I’ve got teenage girls) Stephen Hawking put fans at ease when he said there was probably a planet(parallel universe) out there where Zayn didn’t leave One Direction.  According to his theories there is also a planet out there where Laura is with Adam Levine, so we can stop that discussion right there, thank you very much. The point here is that as far as we know there are endless possibilities in these planets and in the vastness of our world/galaxy/universe.
Now that we’ve got it established that there is life on other planets, lets talk about the fun stuff.  Have we been visited by them, or even more appealing, if we’ve visited them.  Although some conspiracy theorists, as I’ve got listed in the links, would lead you to believe we have had many encounters and they’ve played a significant role in our history, I think the answer here is no.  I think if there has been legitimate contact with another life form that concrete evidence would have presented itself already.  This begs the question, why haven’t we?  There’s a couple of different routes you could go with this.  Either we are the most advanced species in the universe, or potentially the least.  Either way, there’s many answers there as to why we haven’t been in contact.  If we are the most advanced, then we just haven’t found anybody yet, and those other planets are still looking to create fire, or they haven’t gotten past betamax VCR’s yet.  The other end of the spectrum is the fact that we are the babies of the universe and these other species are benevolent enough to let us be and figure things out at our own pace, this is of course assuming they know about us.  This seems like a bit of a scary option to me.  Could it be that we’re always being watched to see what we’ve figured out and what we haven’t?  All that speculation is fun, but I think for the most part we just haven’t found each other yet.  Occam’s razor, the simplest solution is probably the correct one.
There are a million different directions this thing could go in from here.  What if we’re all just a computer simulation and none of this is real?  What would that first interaction look like?  What bathrooms will the aliens use?  Do aliens even need bathrooms?  Would there be protests based on these choices?  What does this do to our thoughts on Religion?  The main question here is why haven’t the number of UFO sightings gone up since everyone and their brother started carrying smart phones with cameras?  I’ve got this same question about big foot and ghosts, but those will be a discussion for another time.
In summary, I’ve probably taught you next to nothing about UFO’s or aliens.  You’re welcome for that.  In my estimation it’s just a matter of time before we actually do meet a being from another planet, the timeframe on that could be anywhere between tomorrow and 300 years from now.  How’s that for casting a wide net?  All that being said, meeting aliens and getting used to that whole idea will be infinitely harder than deciding whether or not pilotless airplanes are a good idea, or getting on a hyper loop train and taking the 3 hour ride from New York to Los Angeles.  What if the future that we saw in the Jetsons or on Star Trek really isn’t that far off?  It’s fun to think about the possibilities.

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  1. I reckon well before we meet any intelligent life, we'll find a planet disappointingly populated just by bacteria or something (disappointing for the average person, I guess. Scientists would lose their shit).

    Mrs Fancy-Pants

  2. I reckon well before we meet any intelligent life, we'll find a planet disappointingly populated just by bacteria or something (disappointing for the average person, I guess. Scientists would lose their shit).

    Mrs Fancy-Pants

  3. This will be a fun question! Let's say we do find that. A planet much like our own and by all accounts on the same path we are toward all these species of animals, do we send anything to that planet to potentially skip a few steps in the evolutionary chain? All this assuming of course we can get there in a timely fashion and using a little movie logic for arguments sake?