Monday, May 16, 2016

Getting back on track

This is another one of those posts that may seem like common sense to some of you.  To others it may be profound, hopefully useful to most.  I think it’s simply another reminder to myself.  Let me give you a little back story here.  A few weeks ago I was dealing with a cold, one of these scenarios where it went through most of the house, one by one.  It didn’t knock you out of commission, but bad enough to be aggravating for quite some time and made everybody just not feel like themselves for at least a good week.  During this time I wasn’t running, having a hard time concentrating at work and everything else that goes along with that.  Time passed and I just let my schedule and the important things get out of control.  Still not running, still not doing those other things that I want to be doing in life.  I’ve been feeling good enough to be running for at least the last week or so.  All the while fighting myself to concentrate at work, not being in the greatest of moods and just feeling like I was letting life happen to me instead of dictating what happened.   This all got me thinking, how do you take the lumps that life throws at you in stride and get back to the things you want and need to be doing?

If you’re like me you enjoy watching a few shows on TV to unwind and there are probably a few characters who you connect with or look up to in some regards.  They are fighting the good fight, wearing the white hat for you Scandal fans out there.  How often do you see these people taking the kids to soccer practice, or taking care of the meals for the next day?  When do they pay their bills?  I guess where I’m going with this is that for some reason I seem to find myself trying to draw correlations between my life, or the life I am trying to craft for myself and the lives of those people I admire on the shows.  The issue here is that the comparison is not apples to apples.  Seems like an obvious statement there, but at least one I needed to point out to myself, as I’m real, and well the “Gladiators” on Scandal are very very make believe.  The same comparison can be made I think though to that Facebook friend who is always posting the pics of leading the care free life and seems to be perpetually “living the dream.”  They aren’t.  There’s work involved in every day, and their success didn’t just fall out of the sky.  The same can said for the TV characters that I foolishly compare myself to.  If the TV show were to decide to be boring, it’d show all the work and the little things that brings the person to the point where the rest of their life is interesting.  Obviously that doesn’t make good TV, just like the person with the perfect world doesn’t post the details behind them cleaning the toilet.  You never get the full picture.  I guess that full picture is the answer to the question from above about how do you get back on track.  The answer is the little things.  Success does not lie behind one single grand event that is a Facebook worthy moment.  Success and being able to do the things you want to do lies behind a very long series of small decisions and steps.  It’s the result of repeatedly putting the time in and being uncomfortable and working through it to get to the desired result.  Over the past few weeks I stopped making those small decisions that would get me where I need to be both personally and professionally.  Then the worst part of it was that I let those decisions weigh on me and allowed them to gain more and more traction in my head.  Soon, doing what I needed to do became a much bigger task than it needed to be.  That’s what got me thinking about all of this.  Success and leading the life you want to lead are actually pretty easy things.  They are easy decisions to make.  I would contend that 99% of the time or more we know what the decision is to go that extra mile, or nail the report that is due.  The key to all this is stringing enough of those little decisions together and having the work ethic or mental toughness to do those little things that would have a profound impact.  That’s the hard part.  That’s the part that I failed at the last two weeks.  That’s the reason I’m writing this.  Working through the answer which I think is the fact that nobody’s perfect, not the actor on TV, and definitely not the person on Facebook.  Simply take a look at the next opportunity to do what is needed, don’t over think things, and simply start working toward that life you want again.  It’s really that simple.  I feel better.  :) 

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