Friday, May 20, 2016

A Baker's Dozen

The other day after I wrote about getting back on track, I got to thinking about what “on track” looks like for me.  What are those things I want to be doing on a regular basis that make me me.  What are the things I want to live by?  I came up with these 13.  What would yours be?

1.)    That thing isn’t going to make you happy

Everybody has stuff in life that they want, myself included.  I would say that those things aren’t going to make you happy.  Don’t rest your happiness on getting that next cool gadget, or piece of clothing.  Happiness is a choice that comes from leading a life you deem valuable. Knowing that, get an item or don’t, but don’t think it’s going to turn your life around.

2.)    Take the long view

When faced with a decision, what choice is going to get you closer to the you that you want to be over the long haul?  Chances are it’s going to be getting that exercise when you don’t necessarily feel like it, or getting those chores done now so you don’t have to worry about them for the next 3 days.

3.)    Show appreciation

This can be for anything and anyone.  Obviously highest on this list is loved ones. Appreciate those people around you that make your day a bit better.  Let your partner know you appreciate what they do.  This can also be something as goofy and simple as thanking a stop and go light for not changing to red before you get through it.  It sounds stupid, but it’s something I do, and it just puts you in a grateful mindset.

4.)    Got something on your mind?  Now is the time to say it

Life is too short for you to not speak your mind. Obviously with this one considerations need to be made as to whether what your are saying is true, good, or useful.  If what you’re about to say doesn’t meet any of the three, it’s probably best forgotten, but if something positive is going to come out of it, no sense in holding it in.

5.)    You have nobody to answer to but yourself

This is probably one of the hardest but most liberating.  What people think of you is none of your business.  You aren’t going to be able to stand for something and make it through life without someone having something negative to say about you.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as you can look yourself in the mirror every night and be happy with who is looking back at you, you are good.

6.)    Exercise

We aren’t meant to be sitting on a couch all day. Get out and move your body regardless of the form that takes.

7.)    Get out of your comfort zone

Life is meant to be lived, not to be comfortable.  Do something that scares you a little bit.  Don’t allow yourself to stay comfortable for too long.  This goes for personal life, work, everything.  Find new ways to challenge yourself and see what you are capable of.  You’ll never know till you try.

8.) Get outside

Nothing helps reconnect you with your place in this world like getting outside and seeing life going on.

9.)    Stay connected

Everybody needs a community, regardless of how big or small that community is.  Whether this be family, friends, coworkers or a group you meet on the internet.  With how connected we are able to be now, finding like minded people is easier than ever.  Take advantage of that and build a community to be a part of.

10.)  Spend some time alone

As nice as it is to have people, a person also needs to be comfortable alone and with their thoughts.  Accomplishing this while exercising or spending time outside only adds to the benefits.  Being comfortable in your own skin sure does make things easier.  This can also be a call to meditation.  It’s not as goofy as you may think.  There are great apps out there like headspace that walk you through something that is really straight forward.

11.)  Read

Spending time reading and gaining knowledge or escaping reality with a fiction book is something that only benefits a person.  Learning a new skill, polishing up an existing one, or having a little fun is a great way to spend some quiet time.

12.)   Write

Obviously I’ve taken to this one quite a bit lately, but I’ve been writing in a journal for quite some time.  It’s fun to look back at things and see what’s been on your mind. Again, doesn’t have to be anything profound.  There’s no wrong answers with this.  One place I really like for notebooks is  Field Notes  but obviously anything works.

13.)   Be Amazing

This really comes down to if you are going to do something, put your heart into it.  I don’t think you’ll have regrets if you do that.

After making this list and looking at my articles up to this point, I realize that these are the things I want to continuously get better at, and these are the things that are on my mind most.  With that being said I feel like most of what I write is going to be an offshoot of these ideas or getting better at these ideas.  Also take these ideas with a grain of salt.  I’m just a guy.  What the hell do I know.  If you like what you're reading please give me a follow on Google+ or Twitter.  You'll find the links above.

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