Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Beastie Boys popped my kid's bubble!!

As parents we all try to keep our kids in a bubble. There’s no sense in exposing them to those things in life that we would either rather not explain right now, or things that we just don’t agree with. I think everybody knows what I’m talking about when talking about keeping your kids in a bubble. Well this is a story about how I absolutely popped that bubble one day with one fell swoop. Sorry Mom. Let me set the picture here for you a little bit. My oldest boy is 12 years old. He’s starting to get into music, and he’s talking to me about what music I used to listen to when I was a kid. He had the same reaction I did at that age to some of the country that my dad made me listen to. I told him he’d probably grow to love it just like I have. At any rate, I was also into early hip hop. Yeah I dance to it about as well as you’d expect me to. Anyway, I found some old Run DMC, Tribe Called Quest, and a few others that my son really liked. I was happy, he thought I was cool for knowing some of this stuff. I had succeeded! I’ve managed to show my kid something and he was happy. Riding this wave of coolness, I decided to keep going and put on some Beastie Boys one day when just the two of us were on our way to a soccer game. This was yet another hit! I was unstoppably cool. We got through a few songs on Ill Communication and all was great. Then “B-Boys Making with a Freak Freak” comes on. If you’re not familiar with this song or it’s lyrics take a minute and go listen. I’ll wait. Figure out where I popped the bubble yet? Yep just about halfway through they sample a comic who says “Shit, if I knew it was gonna be this kind of party, I’d stick my dick in the mashed potatoes” Yeah, I don’t know who was more embarrassed, me or him. My eyes got big as saucers, and as soon as I heard the line I remembered it in the song, yeah, just a little too late. The boy was equally as surprised as I was. After a few seconds I started to laugh, and we had a short talk about never EVER repeating those lyrics or telling anyone what had happened. After the fact, I took a second and realized in the whole scheme of things this was more funny than busting some bubble of innocence, but it makes for a good story. So I guess next time you’re being hard on yourself as a parent just remind yourself that you didn’t let your kid listen to a song about dicks and mashed potatoes… You’re welcome, and again…Sorry Mom. As a side note, I wondered where that line was sampled from. And I’ve done the leg work for you, here’s an answer:


  1. I enjoyed this post today as it made me laugh. My kids don't like anything from my 'alt. rock' roots. We always end up listening to Top 40 by bouncing between stations to find 'that song'. I love it when there are commercials on all their stations I can find a song I like. Usually they can't wait for it to finish! Keep fighting for your right to party (or at least listen to your music)!

  2. Haha! Thanks for the comment Joe! Glad I'm not the only one making the kids suffer through our music!