Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why? A rambling introduction…

Why am I writing this blog?  Better yet why are you reading this?  The short answer here is that we both have Laura to thank.   The reason is that she got sick of me regurgitating information I’ve heard other places to have her give me examples of how I’ve basically said the same thing a few months earlier.  That sentence could be construed as Laura being mean about the whole thing, but she wasn’t at all.  For the most part I work from home, and therefore my “water cooler” time pretty much consists of me listening to podcasts or thinking of stuff daydreaming by myself.  When different topics come up in conversation, most of the things I have to go back on are “from podcasts.”  I put that in quotes because it’s become a bit of a joke in my house, all my stories start with “I was listening to this…” or “I heard on this….”  and it’s always from podcasts.  Laura finally said that I should take some time and sit with my own thoughts and put them out there for the world, so here we are…
I want to talk a little bit about what I want to accomplish with this blog, and to let people know a little bit about me.  My name is Jason, and for the most part everybody reading this already knows that, although there are a few people overseas that have been reading that I’m pretty sure don’t know me.  I’m hoping that as I continue to grow readership, people will be able to look at this and understand where I’m coming from and get an idea of who I am.  I am a father of 5, 4 biological children, and one step daughter.  That sounds weird, but I don’t know of a better way to frame it.  Obviously having a step daughter, I’m divorced and in a new relationship(Laura).  That also sounds a bit weird to me, being almost 40 with kids and a house together calling Laura my girlfriend, as she’s much more than that, but for now the title will have to do.  My day job is in IT where I am lucky enough to get to do a bit of everything.  I mainly do project and team management, but I also work in what some would call “real” IT work doing coding and whatnot.  In my free time I love being outside, whether it be doing yard work, playing with the kids, hunting, fishing, or exercising.  I love being out in the world, and that’s when I’m truly happiest.  I am the youngest of six kids, and love having a big family.
I don’t really know how to sum up what I want to accomplish with this blog.  Part of it as we already talked about…is appeasing Laura(I kid, I kid).  I think when it comes down to it, I want to make people think.  I really enjoy challenging myself and I guess I want this to be a vehicle to maybe help other people do the same thing.  I want to challenge myself mentally, physically and, emotionally.   I want to also be the best person I can be, and by writing this, I feel like I’m getting myself closer to that.  Whether people read this or not, I feel like I’m really enjoying myself.  I know that i want this to be something that people can hopefully relate to, and to realize that we are all just people trying to make the most of what time we’ve got here.  So I guess there’s a thing.  If you are more than happy to let life happen to you, or not wanting to figure out new and exciting ways to see what you are capable of, this probably isn’t the blog for you.  If you spend time staring up at the sky wondering what things are about, or debating the merits of Hootie and the Blowfish vs. ABBA(I’ll explain at some point down the line)  this may be something you enjoy reading.  If you’ve got curiosity, I hope this is something you’ll find fun.  
If you’ve stuck around reading this far, first let me say thank you. Next I’ll ask that you share this, or let me know some topics you’d like to hear my thoughts on, and then share your thoughts in the comments.  I hope that this becomes a place where wanders and wonderers can share ideas, and hopefully laugh at some funny stories along the way as well.  Thanks for your time.


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