Thursday, March 17, 2016

Who are you?

      This thought started with a conversation I was having with my cousin around Donald Trump.  Don’t worry, this isn’t another political discussion.  The thing we were talking about was Trump’s comment around being two different people.  I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially he said there is a public Donald, and a private Donald.  Again, not a political discussion.  More a question of how do you view yourself?  Are you a separate person when you’re at work?  Or around family?  What about after you’ve had a few drinks?
This may come down to simply semantics, as I think everybody at least acts a little differently in different circumstances.  I’m definitely acting differently at a work function than I am with my feet up solving the world’s problems in front of a bon fire, but how different am I?  In both scenarios I feel like I’ve still got the same values and am basically the same person, my language might be a bit different but that’s really about it.
Blake Shelton has a song “Who are you when I’m not looking” where he talks about pretty much this very thing, he’s wanting to know who a person is when they aren’t putting on a show and can let down their guard and are by themselves.  In the song he talks about how the woman is strong and says  “Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends.”  While we can all praise Shelton’s lyrical genius here, I think this is the idea I’m wondering about.  Are you being a different person when you’re holding yourself together?  Are you being a different person when you are alone or with that person you trust implicitly?  I think that answer is probably no for most of us.  I think at the end of the day there’s certain things a person has to deal with and manage within the course of life and compartmentalizing that and dealing with it at the proper time or place doesn’t make a different person.

I’m sitting here wondering if this is really what I want to talk about here?  Is this really even a topic?  I’m not sure if it is, but it’s something that got me wondering after my conversation.  I find it interesting if there are people out there that really feel they have to be different people in different scenarios.  Is that really the case?  And if so why?  I feel like I’m best off being the one person I can be true to.  Makes keeping track of things that much easier.

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