Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jed Bartlet helped me find my motivation

      I absolutely love the show “The West Wing”  Now thanks to Netflix, I have been able to go through the entire series a second time.  Or third as the case may be.   What I love about the show is the way they go about their business.  This show gives one an amazing example of duty, intelligence, morality, and sense of purpose. I understand this is a world of make believe that I am talking so highly about, but that doesn’t matter. 
When I look at my life, these are four of the values I want most of my decisions to be centered around.  I know it seems odd that I would take the time to watch a show to get motivated, but this show had and still has this effect on me.  Is this really that different than having an inspirational book that you go back to a verse of time and time again?  Or maybe a scene from a movie that you love?  I’m thinking about half of Gladiator at this moment.
I find that when I watch this show I want to get closer to those values.  I want to equate those scenarios I watch to things happening in my life and pour myself into it.  Similarly Aaron Sorkin had another unfortunately short lived show “Newsroom” that had a very similar feel for me.  I love the idea of both of these shows, which in my mind is expecting more out of yourself and challenging what you consider to be good enough.  I found it useful to take a look at these shows that I have gravitated towards and try to figure out why they make me feel the way they do.  In doing so, as I watched a second time, I was able to pick up on more and more that I could relate back to those values.  

You know what motivates you, what makes you feel like going out and doing something. So I leave you with this question.  Why?

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